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didgeridoo yucca agave hardwood
Didgeridoo Crafters: Jack Reeder, AJ Reeder, Marko Johnson, Travis Zumwalt, Geoff Frost, Karl Kalbaugh, Chad Butler
Location: USA
Materials: Didgeridoos made from Yucca, Agave, Gourd, Leather, Hardwood
Attributes: Typically loud, responsive, and well balanced players. Our USA crafters make didgeridoos out of domestic woods. Domestic wood didgeridoos are crafted out of soft or hard woods. The inner bore shape is hand carved allowing the crafter a lot of control over the playing characteristics. They also craft from yucca, agave, gourd and leather. Yucca and agave didgeridoos are lightweight, thin walled, and very resonant. Gourd didgeridoos are pieced together using many gourds. The organic material of leather creates a big bold sound.
Price Range: $225 & Up
This is recycling at its best! Each one is a unique piece of playable art! Each crafter spends a lot of time searching out prime materials that produce top quality instruments. The finished product is always a didge that has been carefully crafted with much time and patience that shows!
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