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How to Choose a Didgeridoo
The product you purchase is just as important as the people who take pride in making it for you. We have an awesome selection of didgeridoos available for you to choose from. Didgeridoos can be made from a wide variety of materials. Below, we will guide you through who makes them, where they are made, what they are made of, what their attributes are, and their price ranges. By reading about each product you will be able to decide which type is right for you. Our star rating system based on playing quality is next to each didge we sell. Also look for sound clips on many of the didgeridoos that we carry. And, if you're still not sure feel free to e-mail us or call us toll free at (866) 468-3434 with any questions.
didgeridoo eucalyptus
Didgeridoo Crafters: Naiuwa Didgeridoos from Australia
Location: Australia
Materials: Eucalyptus
Attributes: The traditional choice with warm and rich tones. Our eucalyptus didgeridoos from Australia are purchased at fair trade prices and are naturally termite hollowed in the Australian Outback. Eucalyptus is a dense wood that creates a clean sound while having more warmth than modern materials. We purchase our didges straight from Naiuwa in Queensland Australia. They are good friends of ours. Ordering direct allows us to make sure the didges we purchase are at a fair trade price that is set by them. Feel good knowing your purchase helps support their Aboriginal owned family business.
Price Range: $220 & Up
The didgeridoo originates as a musical instrument of the North Australian Aborigine. It is traditionally made from one of many species of Eucalyptus saplings. The Eucalyptus is naturally hollowed out by termites whose nests abound in the millions.
didgeridoo modern
Didgeridoo Crafters: Tribal Earth
Location: India
Materials: Polyresin, Fiberglass
Attributes: A great value and affordable way to learn how to play. Our Modern Didgeridoos are made from high density, custom extruded polyresin or fiberglass. These durable materials have a very clear, crisp sound with innovative designs.
Price Range: $25& Up
Our friend, world renowned didgeridoo performer Peter Spoecker worked with Tribal Earth developing our innovative and great sounding contemporary didgeridoos. All phases of production and quality control are carefully overseen. Tribal Earth is owned and operated by Anirudh Bhargava. He provides an excellent work environment for his employees. This creates a feeling of mutual respect, loyalty, and family like teamwork in their entire organization.
didgeridoo yucca agave hardwood
Didgeridoo Crafters: Jack Reeder, AJ Reeder, Marko Johnson, Travis Zumwalt, Geoff Frost, Karl Kalbaugh, Chad Butler
Location: USA
Materials: Didgeridoos made from Yucca, Agave, Gourd, Leather, Hardwood
Attributes: Typically loud, responsive, and well balanced players. Our USA crafters make didgeridoos out of domestic woods. Domestic wood didgeridoos are crafted out of soft or hard woods. The inner bore shape is hand carved allowing the crafter a lot of control over the playing characteristics. They also craft from yucca, agave, gourd and leather. Yucca and agave didgeridoos are lightweight, thin walled, and very resonant. Gourd didgeridoos are pieced together using many gourds. The organic material of leather creates a big bold sound.
Price Range: $225 & Up
This is recycling at its best! Each one is a unique piece of playable art! Each crafter spends a lot of time searching out prime materials that produce top quality instruments. The finished product is always a didge that has been carefully crafted with much time and patience that shows!
didgeridoo sara johnson
Didgeridoo Artist: Sara Johnson
Location: Michigan
Materials: Sara paints all types of didgeridoos with custom designed artwork
Attributes: Varies, depending on the didgeridoo you choose.
Price Range: starts at $100
Order your didge, in the key that you want, and have Sara Johnson custom paint it for you. We will find you the perfect didge and ship it directly to Sara. She will work with you on your very own design. Sara paints didges on a more personal level, perhaps to represent something very sacred or meaningful to you, or just done in particular colors with a particular motif. Each one that she does is a unique work of art and will never be duplicated. Sara is a wonderful soul who has amazing artistic talent that she loves to share.
What key is right for me?
For beginner players we recommend the key of C, D, or E. This is the mid range. Higher keys like F and G take tighter lip pressure and lots of diaphragm pushing. These higher keys are great for fast rhythmical playing. Lower keys like A and B take really loose lip pressure and more air. They work great for slow meditative playing styles. The keys of C, D, and E fall somewhere in between and are easier for beginners to learn on. Most didge players have a collection of didges (some have one in every key). We suggest you listen to our sound clips of the different keys to see which one you like the best.
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