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Didgeridoo USA a 2 CD set
146 minutes total
One of our personal favorites. With such a wide range of players, rhythms and accompanying instruments its a listening treat.
There are many didgeridoo solos, duets, and ensemble pieces by America's best known didgeridoo players as well as by many outstandingly talented lesser known players. There are also quite a few compositions that include a variety of other instruments. In some cases the didgeridoo is accompanied by very simple percussion, perhaps only clapsticks, and in other cases there are more complex assortments of instruments, including guitar, drums and percussion from all over the world, jaw harp, shenai, vocals, synthesizer, and more.
The overall variety in didge playing styles and music production is simply astounding. The common thread that ties it all together is inspired didgeridoo playing and a commitment to feature the didge as a vital component of every composition.
CD 1
1. Patriodidge
2. Quick Toots
3. Funky Folksy
4. Duet
5. Udulation
6. Octopus Jargon
7. Seven Four
8. Small Pepsi
9. Under the Basement
10. Temple Horn
11. Clear Plastic
12. Leather
13. Paper Mache
14. Clay
15. Arnhem Express
16. Breath of Fire
17. Rhythm Flow
18. Yael
19. Didj-O-Scat
20. Wadidatakawa
21. American Dream
22. Deep Alaska
23. Afritootin'
24. Nother Duet
25. Clay USA
26. Jammin' Free
27. Astral Dreaming
CD 2
1. Didgeridreams
2. Hip Hop
3. Getting Jiggy
4. Three Strands
5. Trapped
6. Didgeridooya
7. Snake Charming
8. Urban Primitive
9. Weaving
10. Wild Hog
11. Rediscovered
12. Twining
13. 2 Weird 4 U?
14. Earth Dance
15. Stacc
16. Descending
17. Ancient America
18. Rhythm Dreaming
19. Brothers
20. Distant Dreaming
2 CD set
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