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Sale Items!
Learn to play Didgeridoo with Grahm Doe DVD
Shot in and around breathtaking Yosemite National Park. A 2 hour jam packed DVD with many in depth didgeridoo exercises and playing methods. Excellent for beginners to learn about the didgeridoo and how to play. A valuable resource for intermediate players to pick up new rhythms and techniques.
Customer comment: The DVD is great. It’s very fun and I really enjoyed the awesome scenery and all the cool didges. I need to work on new rhythms and circular breathing while playing fast rhythms. The DVD is really great for learning all the basic droning and circular breathing. I’ll definitely be using the rhythm section for improving my skill. The use of the clapsticks is a great tool for showing when to breathe, very informative and very helpful. Awesome DVD! - Mike
You can choose to play the entire DVD or select from the many different chapters. Click here for an overview or choose one of the links below to see a preview of that chapter:
Other chapters included on the DVD: Didges - how they work & where they come from. Examples of different types of didges. Interference patterns. Tongue and cheek position. Tongue trills. Cheek pops and taps. Jaw drops. Diaphragm control. Trumpet overtones. Circular breathing - 2 practice methods. Ta Ka rhythm. Wa Ka Doo rhythm. Double Breath rhythm. Harmonic rhythm. Low key effects. Faster rhythms. Looped rhythms to practice along with. And lots more!...
$20 - ORDER
Now also available as a 3 part series download for $5 each! Not recommended for customers with dial-up connections.
This 1st download is excellent for beginners to learn about the didgeridoo and how to play.
This 2nd download covers more advanced techniques and circular breathing.
This 3rd download teaches you how to play 7 different rhythms.