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didgeridoo eucalyptus
Didgeridoo Crafters: Naiuwa Didgeridoos from Australia
Location: Australia
Materials: Eucalyptus
Attributes: The traditional choice with warm and rich tones. Our eucalyptus didgeridoos from Australia are purchased at fair trade prices and are naturally termite hollowed in the Australian Outback. Eucalyptus is a dense wood that creates a clean sound while having more warmth than modern materials. We purchase our didges straight from Naiuwa in Queensland Australia. They are good friends of ours. Ordering direct allows us to make sure the didges we purchase are at a fair trade price that is set by them. Feel good knowing your purchase helps support their Aboriginal owned family business.
Price Range: $220 & Up
The didgeridoo originates as a musical instrument of the North Australian Aborigine. It is traditionally made from one of many species of Eucalyptus saplings. The Eucalyptus is naturally hollowed out by termites whose nests abound in the millions.
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