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The Magical Musical Rainstick!
Rainsticks are musical and ceremonial instruments used from ancient times to present day. Their name describes the soothing rain-like sound that these instruments produce. These rainsticks are made from the wood skeleton of a dead cactus plant. No living plants are used. The cactus plants grow in large quantities in extensive desert areas, and die after about 70 years. The exterior thorns and flesh then fall off leaving the skeleton. The thorns are then collected from the area around the cactus and pounded back into the cactus skeleton. Tiny stones and pebbles are then poured down the inside of the cactus creating a rainstick!
Instructions: To maximize the length and evenness of the rain-like sound, hold the rainstick at about a 60 degree angle and slowly rotate the stick, allowing the tiny stones and pebbles to roll and trickle down over the thorns that have been pounded into the interior of the stick in a spiral formation.
The rainstick sound is very calming, peaceful, and nurturing.
Each rainstick is unique. Please allow for natures variety.
15" Rainstick | $13 - ORDER